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Making investment decisions are often complex.  News headlines can cause investors to make key mistakes based on emotional decisions. We help educate clients and provide clear perspective to help ignore the white noise.

Personal discussions with our clients determine goals and objectives. Individual time horizons, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and family goals are all considered when making recommendations.

We do the research and homework you don’t have time to do.  As fiduciaries, we select investments to keep portfolio costs low with a diversified mix of assets. Portfolio construction is guided by you - along with our focus on both risk and return.

Our mission is to create peace of mind for you – while building a long-lasting relationship with your family.



Benefits of Financial Planning

                 Benefits of Investment Management

  • Appropriate risk vs. return discussion.

  • Greater peace of mind from a disciplined, diversified approach.

  • Increased success of achieving your goals.

  • Easy to understand checklist of issues.

  • Social Security & Medicare analysis/planning.

  • Long-term care considerations.

  • Charitable giving strategies.

  • Eldercare coordination & challenges.


  • Choose a portfolio to meet your goals, risk tolerance and age/time frame.

  • Avoid the mistake of “looking in the rear view mirror.”

  • Diversification and low fees matter.

  • Rebalancing --- works.

  • Tax efficiency & tax loss harvesting.

  • Portfolio withdrawal strategies & Income distributuion.



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